Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kickin’ & Screamin’

Michelle and Midge Cole
 I often think about my niece Michelle and smile.  She is a trip!  She has an incredible personality, an infectious smile, she is REALLY FUNNY, and she’s beautiful all the way to the bone.  My sweet little niece is all of these things, but until recently she had a huge need in her life. She needed a family.

The reason I smile when I think about her is that in God’s big picture, I am Michelle too!

Michelle now belongs to my sister and brother-in-law.  She was adopted from China.  When they decided to make Michelle a part of their family, they went through great pains to get her.  First of all, the adoption process was expensive.  They had to save their money and pay dearly to adopt her.  They also had to wait on her.  It took a long time for everything to be approved through the adoption agency and the US Government.

Then they had to go out of their way to get her.  China is a long way from here, and although it was a hassle, they loaded up their entire family and went over to China and found her in a small, run down orphanage where she lived.  Her home in China was “out in the country” so even after they arrived, they still had to travel a great distance to get her.

When they finally met her, I often wonder what Michelle thought.  Maybe it was “Why me?  I don’t want to go….” or “Leave me alone, I’m happy here!”  She may have even gone out the door kickin’ and screamin’!  She had no idea what was in store for her back at her real home, the home my sister had prepared for her.  When she returned back to the United States, Michelle would hide food in her pockets because she was afraid she wasn’t going to get any more to eat that day.  Little did she know that she there was an endless supply of gifts and love waiting for her everyday for the rest of her life!!!
Paul writes to those who belong to Christ and describes the exact same scenario in Ephesians. (Eph. 1:3-14)  He explains to them that if you are in Christ, you are adopted…….chosen by God as His children.  You are valuable.  You mean the world to Him!

You are also expensive!  Your adoption cost our heavenly Father the blood of His only Son. (John 3:16)  He literally went to the Hell and back to adopt you, and He’s not letting go! (Rom 8:38-39)

Life here on this side of eternity can be tough.  Ask my sister and I’m sure she’ll agree that it was an adjustment for Michelle.  Our lives in Christ are a major adjustment too!  In God’s time, we will all see that our heavenly Father has an endless supply of gifts and love waiting for us.  Walk in that assurance today!


  1. Couldn't have said it better!! Adoption is a perfect parallel of our own Redememption in/by Christ!

  2. I am a friend of Bill and Midge in Virginia. Loved this! Thank you so much!